100 facts about Ryota
1. His birthday is on September 4th, 1989
2. Was previously in hip-hop group with Toru Yamashita called HEADS
3. If he wasn’t in ONE OK ROCK then he’d probably would be doing hip-hop stuff
4. Didn’t listen to rock until Toru invited him to be in ONE OK ROCK
5. Throughout kindergarten through high school, Ryota just danced, and danced, and danced, at school and after school
6. Was woken up by Toru in their dorm when he said, “let’s form a band”
7. Then they went on the rooftop after Ryota got motivated and just talked about forming a band
8. Looks at Toru, Taka, and Tomoya as his older brothers
9. Was told by Toru to play bass for ONE OK ROCK even though he had no interest in it until he listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers and got inspired to play bass by Flea
10. Didn’t talk to Taka for about a year because he was afraid of him
11. Usually got into arguments with two other ex-members
12. During the early years of ONE OK ROCK Ryota just talked to Toru
13. In the early days of ONE OK ROCK, Ryota usually was pushed by Toru to talk more in the studio as they walked home in the beginning of ONE OK ROCK (Imagine that talk, just imagine that talk at night)
14. Ever since 2012, Ryota usually takes off his shirt during live performances
15. Was the most angriest of ONE OK ROCK during the Alex incident thinking that it was the end of ONE OK ROCK when their activities suddenly came to a stop
16. 2014, he’s learning English from Taka and other friends in America (Yay!)
17. Really respects everyone and just agrees with almost everything
18. If it looks like a fight is about to start in ONE OK ROCK then Ryota would forcibly stop them although ever since they became a four member band, there has been no fights
19. Ryota likes cats, Ryota likes dogs, Ryota likes food, Ryota likes everything
20. Was really against having another member join after Alex left so then he could be heard out more in their songs with only one guitar in the band
21. Ryota was born in Osaka, Japan
22. He believes that his strong point of ONE OK ROCK is on stage where they are able to put all their strength on stage
23. As said by Tomoya, Ryota’s room is messy
24. Ryota still breakdances at random times like back stage or at home, just anywhere really
25. Ryota will be 25 this year
26. Ryota also has an Instagram, @ryota_0808
27. When Alex left, Ryota switched from a four string bass to a five string bass
28. Once, Ryota was drunk and woke up saying, “NO OYASUMI” and grabbing onto Tyler Carter from Bad Issues while Taka filmed him
29. We often see Ryota always together with Tomoya, he notes, “Tomoya is a friend to hang out with, even in private we’re always together. The two of us go shopping, go to exercise, and even outside of music we’re always together”
30. His biggest dream is to be in ONE OK ROCK until he dies
31. Admits that he is still trying to get better at playing bass
32. His amps are spray painted
33. To make up for ONE OK ROCK after Alex left, Ryota was going to learn guitar but since bass suited him, he stuck with the bass
34. Ryota has many tattoos over him such as his “Stay cool, stay fool” tattoo on his arms and his black stars across his chest
35. He rarely bullies Tomoya unlike Taka and Toru who constantly beats him up
36. In Jakarta, while they wrote, “Taka I love you” and “Toru I love you” and “Tomoya I love you”, they didn’t write “Ryota I love you”
37. Helped Tomoya make songs, “世間知らずの宇宙飛行士” and “Deeper Deeper”
38. Sometimes Ryota calls Tomoya over and says, “Do you remember me?” (That is really really really really really really really sad T_T)
39. He worries about Tomoya’s bullying even though Tomoya reminds him that he’s okay with it
40. In Paris when they threw bras and panties at the band, Ryota put on three bras on his head and his chest and the French people thought he was sexy
41. In Paris Ryota also took off his pants (leaving his underwear on) after the French wanted ONE OK ROCK to strip for them (specifically Taka but Ryota decided to hop in and do something after Taka really didn’t want to strip off his shirt)
42. Ryota has a little niece that he sees when he’s in Japan
43. He has a SLR camera and he is taught by ONE OK ROCK’s photographer, Rui
44. Respects Hot Chili Pepper’s bass player, Flea
45. He got a pet rabbit in 2010 named Pepsi
46. Has an LED bass that he got custom made
47. When Toru woke him up when he got the idea to start a band, he showed Ryota Good Charlotte and Busted
48. He knew Toru ever since he was in elementary school
49. During the beginning times of ONE OK ROCK, Ryota once broke down to the other members about how he didn’t feel as if he fit in with the band
50. His first impression of Taka when he first walked into the studio after Toru constantly stalked him was that he didn’t want anything to do with him
51. Ryota was told by Toru to learn bass in two weeks before they went into the studio for the first time
52. During the 残響リファレンス Tour, Ryota thought that the best thing about the tour was ONE OK ROCK’s motivation and anticipation towards each live
53. Really impressed at how far ONE OK ROCK has come after watching their Quattro DVD (and hugging Taka at the end)
54. Noted that during Quattro it was the time when Ryota really started having fun
55. Ryota describes their time with the Alex incident as “shutting themselves up”
56. In Indonesia, he sung the national anthem along with the crowd
57. He has a book called, “How To Use F**k”
58. Sees Taka as a “kind director” towards ONE OK ROCK, always trying to push the band in the right direction where everyone can enjoy it
59. Surprisingly, Ryota is the youngest out of all the members (1. Tomoya, 2. Taka, 3. Toru, 4. Ryota)
60. Ryota’s star sign is a Virgo
61. From my math as of 2014, he has a 19 year experience with dancing
62. Before Alex left, him, Alex, and Tomoya would play baseball often
63. If Toru hadn’t woken Ryota up that night then Ryota would probably would’ve been dancing still
64. Calls Taka, “Mori-chan”
65. At a Rock On The Range interview with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ryota received a larger can of beer than Taka and the Pabst dude because Ryota never had Pabst Blue Ribbon
66. During the Fall Out Boy meeting when Tomoya brought out a No Face toy from Spirited Away to show it to the Fall Out Boy members, Ryota really wanted to see what Tomoya was doing
67. Said that his first kiss was spicy
68. Was in the entertainment industry since he was in middle school
69. Him and ONE OK ROCK made a song called 69
70. Alongside Toru, Ryota tried to have an acting career
71. He didn’t really have that many major roles but in Sh15uya with Toru as that main gangster person, he got beat up by Toru
72. He’s actually shy
73. Prefers to use items by Hurley
74. Ryota’s height is 5”7
75. Taka usually calls Ryota a baka
76. On November 27th, 2013, Ryota said that his favorite country from the Who Are You? Who Are We? Tour was Indonesia
77. If he was to have an animal then he would have a big dog like super big, really really really really really really really really really really big dog
78. Promoting their Budokan concert on MTV in 2010, Ryota went around filming Toru backstage
79. He played one of the bullies in Jdrama, “Hana Yori Dango”, when Ryota tried to have an acting career
81. In their 人生 × 僕 = bonus track where they all pretend to go to school, Ryota was said to have dropped out
82. Noted by Taka that Ryota gets along with his family and has a really good relationship with them
83. Likes to fish as well with Tomoya or Taka
84. Had a debate on whether or not he went with Toru to go see Avril Lavigne at a festival (He claims he did but Toru says that he doesn’t remember
85. Used to not listen to rock because he couldn’t dance to it unlike hip hop or pop
86. Smokes along with Toru and Tomoya
87. He once had “rainbow” dyed hightlights in his hair in 2013
88. When he met Tomoya, he was still really shy
89. Usually shirtless during lives and just backstage more than the other members
90. Sometimes helps Taka remember simple things in English like counting
91. Now does English interviews with Taka
92. Ryota compares ONE OK ROCK’s Japanese and American fans saying, “Japan very crazy, America…super very awesome fucking crazy”
93. Makes Taka laugh a lot when he speaks English
94. When Toru and Ryota were forming ONE OK ROCK together after their long talk on the rooftop, the two went to go buy an MTR
95. He c an’t imagine not doing anythin without Toru involved (NOTHING DIRTY CHILDREN)
96. Elementary through middle school, Ryota would come home to practice his dance moves until high school when Toru wanted to form a band, he would then come home to practice bass despite originally not enjoying it
97. Favorite song from their most recent album, “人生×僕”, is “All Mine”
98. Around 2008 or so, Ryota didn’t know what emo was so he borrowed CDs from Taka and listened to them with Tomoya
99. New fans usually mistake Ryota for being the oldest. I don’t know why, they just do
100. Ryota describes himself as the type of person who does everything until the end when he decides “I’ll do it” from the beginning

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