100 Taka Facts
1. Was born on April 17th, 1988
2. The vocalist of ONE OK ROCK
3. As of July 6th, 2014, his Instagram description says, “da…”
4. Was once a Johnny’s pop idol
5. Quit Johnny’s in 2004 to focus on his studies after they said that he needed to raise up his grades in order to stay in Johnny’s but also has been said that he was caught with a girl and smoking in a tabloid magazine, either way I really don’t care because that was in the past and everyone else shouldn’t either
6. Was recruited onto ONE OK ROCK by Toru Yamashita
7. Was stalked around by Toru until he agreed to come to the ONE OK ROCK studio
8. Has two younger brothers, one named Tomohiro and another named Hiro who’s the vocalist in MY FIRST STORY
9. Changed his last name from Moriuchi to Morita after his parents divorce in 2005 (although said that he changed his name back Moriuchi)
10. His old last name, “Moriuchi”, gives him trauma from his days before ONE OK ROCK
11. Born in Tokyo, Japan
12. Was a show-off as a kid
13. Hated having a wealthy family growing up
14. Went to Keio for elementary and middle school and stopped at high school due to not passing entrance exams
15. Describes himself as a “smart koala”
16. Wrote the ONE OK ROCK song, “Nobody’s Home” about his family
17. Bullies Tomoya the most in ONE OK ROCK
18. Takes English lessons to improve on his English
19. Started having interest in bands in high school
20. Used to sing looking down in his first rock band before getting a huge confidence boost in ONE OK ROCK
21. Said that his first kiss was sweet and tasted like strawberries
22. Celebrated his 25th birthday early with the Fall Out Boy
23. Can play guitar, drums, and piano
24. Buys his tanktops at UNIF
25. Follows Miley Cyrus on Instagram
26. 26 years old
27. Hangs out of F.T Island’s vocalist, Hongki
28. Gave Big Bang’s member, Seungri, advice for their MC in their Japan concert
29. His actor friend, Takeru, asked him to do a song for his movie, Ruroni Kenshin
30. Says that his secret skills in love were, “push, push, pull”
31. Can’t drive
32. Keeps keys with him most of the time, probably to his house
33. Was a rebellious teenager
34. His favorite song from “人生 × 僕 =” is “Be The Light”
35. If he was a woman one day then he’d go to a woman’s bath
36. Has a bunch of tattoo on his arms and one on his wrist.
37. Has the “ttr” (means Toru, Tomoya, and Ryota) tattoo along with Tomoya and Ryota
38. Had his hair dyed blonde before
39. Wears eyeliner sometimes
40. Helps puts eyeliner on the other band members of ONE OK ROCK sometimes
41. Hasn’t had a pet as far as we know
42. Has an Instagram, @10969taka
43. Loves partying in the USA
44. Made Tomoya play the drums for him at his house when deciding whether Tomoya should be apart of ONE OK ROCK or not
45. Uses his signature red microphone during every single ONE OK ROCK concert (except for when he guest stars in other band’s concerts like Simple Plan)
46. Has amazing Garageband skills
47. He fishes occasionally in Japan
48. Flipped off a No Diving sign in a California swimming pool and then dived happily
49. His star sign is Aries
50. Has been in the music industry (like magazines and TV appearances) as young as twelve years old
51. ONE OK ROCK calls him, “Mori-chan”
52. Taka’s height is 5’5
53. He’s a hentai but he’s totally sweet to his fans
54. The second oldest member of ONE OK ROCK (1.Tomoya 2.Taka 3.Toru 4.Ryota)
55. Taka can jump high like really high maybe like 5ft or something
56. Once jumped over a 5ft barricade during their Who Are You? Who Are We? tour to talk to a handicapped fan in a wheelchair with Toru
57. Dated an eighteen year old in middle school saying that she was cute and shined and she was someone who he truly liked but she dumped him at some point
58. Didn’t really do any clubs in middle or high school except for the go-home club
59. Dyed his hair green and red once
60. Left his home during his first year of high school and then stayed at his grandma’s home until he found his own home
61. He likes the band Linkin Park and listened to them ever since high school
62. The first rock band Taka liked was RIZE
63. Afraid of gyaru’s, especially blonde gyaru’s (I searched them up, they really are scary looking)
64. Really hates being looking down on after having to endure it for such a long time and really wants to triumph those who looked down
65. Taka says that if he wasn’t the vocalist of ONE OK ROCK then he would be a guy who couldn’t be helped
66. He’s describes ONE OK ROCK’s genre as Japanese emo
69. Taka really really likes the number 69 (probably because when you say it in Japanese it’s “rock” but there could be other reasons hehehe) and even posted a picture of his homescreen with the number 69 as the date and his battery percentage
70. Had an eye problem during their 人生 x 君 = tour and had to get a shot to cure it instead of surgery due to being on a tour
71. Said during the 人生 x 君 = film that it wasn’t the fan’s fault that he got sick and needed medication
72. Tries to take very good care of his throat to save his voice
73. Unlike Toru, Tomoya, and Ryota, Taka doesn’t smoke, most likely to save his voice
74. Taka has a black iPhone
75. At Paris when a staff told him that he couldn’t see ONE OK ROCK’s fans, Taka literally was like, “nuh uh gurl”, and went over to the fans
76. Once rumored to be dating Perfume’s A-chan in 2011 but nope, they were just really close friends
77. Gets extremely emotional on stage, especially at Yokohama Arena 2012 during the song, “Nobody’s Home”, and during the Paris concert on their Who Are You? Who Are We? Tour when their fans held up white origami flowers in memory of the victims who were affected on 3.11.11
78. Taka writes song lyrics on his hands sometimes whether he can’t remember the song or if he’s remembering to put them down on a song later
79. Taka gets drunk along with the other members of ONE OK ROCK and maybe a couple other people occasionally
80. Also has been noted by Toru that he spends money recklessly like in a sunglasses shop, he found a pair of shades with dimonds on it and said that he would get it when he gets his pay check
81. Usually doesn’t have his shirt off on footage as much as the other members of ONE OK ROCK
82. Has said to have great skills when talking to a girl
83. Taka isn’t perfectly fluent in English but he’s really amazing at the language
84. Usually gets help from his English speaking friends on lyrics
85. Used to be weak at katakana but studied really hard in high school to learn it
86. Doesn’t think that there will ever be peace in the world even if there were no wars or if money were evenly distributed to everyone (which is true, you saw in The Giver)
87. Has a dynamic personality; he’s a hentai at times, straight forward, nice, rebellious, and then he can be short tempered at times
88. Is really happy that each of his family members have become independent in their lives and not having to worry about anything for the time being
89. Taka wishes that ONE OK ROCK could have a studio just for them where all their equipment and instruments can be and produce music comfortably
90. Grateful of all the hardships he’s had because they’ve all led up to his days in ONE OK ROCK
91. Done a song with Simple Plan (“Summer Paradise” Japanese Version), Ally & Diaz (“Let Life Be”) , and Pay Money To My Pain (“Voice”, a song for his close friend, Pay Money To My Pain’s vocalist K, who died in 2012)
92. Says that currently he doesn’t think he’ll have a wife and kids due to his schedule but may be possible someday
93. His trademark voice has known to be husky yet high toned and also to having a great vocal control and has a vast range
94. The first CD he bought was Hide from X Japan’s “PINK SPIDER’
95. (I should’ve put this in the beginning) He’s the son of Japan’s famous singers Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori
96. Has one tattoo that says, “Watch your thoughts, they become words, watch your words because they become actions, watch your actions for they become habits, watch your habits they become your character and finally watch your character because it will ultimately become your destiny”
97. Has said that it was good that he quit Johnny’s because Taka is just simply too good for Johnny’s (I totally agree but then again I’m not a pop person so my opinion is slightly biased)
98. In their bonus tracks, Taka usually plays a teacher at a school
99. Wrote “Wherever You Are” for a friend who was getting married
100. Considers ONE OK ROCK as his family and says that he was a person saved by ONE OK ROCK

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