100 Facts about Toru
1. Born on December 7th, 1988 (one day before my birthday)
2. Was a member in a hip hop group called HEADS with Ryota before ONE OK ROCK
3. Tried out for an acting career (he was in shows like Sh15ya, Kamen Rider, etc they were all very minor roles except for Sh15ya where he played some gangster guy who acted like he was on drugs)
4. An Avril Lavigne fanboy
5. Was the one who started ONE OK ROCK at like sixteen or seventeen
6. When ONE OK ROCK celebrated his birthday in Taipei during their Who Are You? Who Are We? Tour, they posted a picture of high school Toru (I don’t know if that’s cruel or funny so I’m going to go with funny)

7. Likes to join in with Taka on beating up Tomoya (they both either take turns beating him up, Toru does it alone, or they do it together)
8. Has a cute two year old nephew that likes to clap to Deeper Deeper and some niece who looks about the same age
9. Did I also mention that he has an older brother?
10. Ryota believes that he got close to Toru because of his personality (Toru’s personality)
11. Noted by Ryota that Toru got bullied such as getting his face scrawled on with marker and getting water poured on him (WTF WHY WOULD THEY BULLY HIM?)

12. Much like Taka, he also acted like an adult in kindergarten
13. Says that he was the most popular with girls back in elementary school
14. In the earlier days, Toru would send out long emails to each member to pump them up or boost their confidence before each live they performed
15. Was the one who found Taka and stalked him until Taka agreed to come to a rehearsal and think about joining the band
16. Noted by Taka that he is a very intimidating guy
17. Born in Osaka, Japan
18. Took over as lead guitarist after Alex left, was actually kinda happy to become the lead guitarist
19. His face is often compared to Gachapin because of his straight face look
20. This man can beatbox really really really well (You can hear it in the 残響リファレンス film)
21. Along with Tomoya and Ryota, Toru also smokes
22. Does not have any tattoos because he is afraid of needles
23. One of the last ONE OK ROCK members to get an Instagram (he was very late on the Instagram game)
24. His Instagram as of NOV.22.14 is @toru_10969 with no description
25. Can play the harmonica
26. He’ll turn 26 this year
27. Used to rap in songs for ONE OK ROCK for songs like 努努-ゆめゆめ- and Keep IT Real
28. Likes a girl who is good at reading moods
29. He’s 5”9
30. Has been accused of dyeing his hair because he admired Avril Lavigne so much
31. During Warped Tour, Toru dyed his hair brown and he grew a mustache and then when he came back to Japan he dyed it blonde again (He probably had to give his hair a break from dyeing it blonde so much it’s basic hair dye knowledge stuff but he did look good during Warped Tour and I would not mind if he went back to looking like that)
32. Sometimes writes lyrics or just pitches in and helps (Some of the songs he wrote were Mighty Long Fall and Living Dolls)
33. Toru was the one who conducted the instrumentals in the albums (Coda from 残響リファレンス and Where An Idiot Should Go~ from 人生 × 僕 =)
34. During the Who Are We? Who Are You? Tour, Taka put pink panties on Toru’s head
35. At the Mighty Long Fall live at Yokohama Stadium Toru had the audience successfully perform the wave
36. Avril Lavigne mistaken Toru as the drummer
37. The thought of creating ONE OK ROCK happened after Toru got fired from his job, HEADS disbanded, and just from talking to Ryota on top of his rooftop
38. Toru is the third oldest in ONE OK ROCK (1. Tomoya, 2. Taka, 3. Toru, 4. Ryota)
39. Got really jealous about Tomoya’s green hair after Avril Lavigne commented on how much she liked it
40. Toru’s star sign is Sagittarius
41. Got labeled as the father of ONE OK ROCK during an interview
42. During the live in Taipei on the Who Are You? Who Are We? tour fans celebrated his birthday by holding up red banners saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORU”
43. Was uneasy about having Jon Feldmann produce their music
44. First seen with his hair dyed blonde in 2011
45. Toru can speak really good English without a hint of Japanese accent and he can type it out really well too as seen on his Instagram page (tbh he may actually be a lot better at English than Taka is)
46. Doesn’t breakdance like how Ryota still does but he’s still really flexible as shown during concerts (like this one picture shows how high his leg can kick which is really really really really really really really high)
47. According to elderly people, Toru was born with a lot of luck
48. Likes girls with with less make up than girls with more make up
49. Said that his favorite country out of the Who Are You? Who Are We? tour was Indonesia
50. On a long sleepless autumn night, along with everyone else, Toru answered that they’d masturbate (*sarcastic tone* that’s nice…)
51. The first live Toru went to was RIZE in 6th grade when he was dancing and RIZE just happened to be at the exact same location (So he went to a free concert at twelve?)
52. Never forgets to take his iPod/Phone along with him during tours
53. 2013 was a rich year for Toru
54. Sees 2013 as a year where they gained affections from the world for ONE OK ROCK
55. Toru found Taka at one of Taka’s live performances in his old cover band in 2004
56. In ONE OK ROCK’s earlier days, Toru would boss the other members around such as telling them how to play their instruments “correctly”
57. The thing about Taka that caught Toru’s attention was Taka’s vocal range because while other guys in the area could only sing in low pitched tones, Taka could sing high pitched tones and the fact that they were the same age helped with Toru’s attentiveness towards Taka (I wish I had his confidence to make friends just like that)
58. After Toru first introduced Taka to Alex, Tomo (their old drummer who dropped out which I’m actually kinda glad because we wouldn’t have Tomoya), and Ryota, the band members got mad at Toru since Taka was rude and moody at the time
59. Once had pink hair (not surprised if he goes with green sometime)
60. When Alex left Toru was the most emotionally stable out of the band
61. Comforted Taka when Alex left after Taka felt like the world was collapsing around him again (That just shows how strong their friendship and I find that beautiful I think everyone deserves a friendship like this)
62. Likes Linkin Park
63. Along with Tomoya, the two did not attend any American interviews during Warped Tour due to their lack of understanding of English
64. Toru is known for not talking as much in ONE OK ROCK and keeping a straight face (thus, the gachapin face)
65. During the beginning of ONE OK ROCK Toru used to walk back home with Ryota from the studio and tell him constantly to break out of his bubble and talk in the studio instead of being so silent
66. Couldn’t speak Mandarin correctly during their Taipei concert
67. Got a perm during their 人生 × 君 = tour (people called it his ramen hair)
68. Usually gets a strawberry cake when ONE OK ROCK celebrates his birthday
69. Made a song called 69 with ONE OK ROCK
70. After their 人生 × 君 = tour Toru’s trademark fruit is a banana due to the random appearances of bananas throughout the film (I made ***** jokes everytime it appeared)
71. Coincidentally, a book that Ryota found says that people who are born on September 4th (Ryota’s birthday) and people who are born on December 7th (Toru’s birthday) are people meant to be good friends
72. States that the song Thousand Miles (a cover that ONE OK ROCK did for their Yokohama Stadium live) was a really weird song and that “he had a hard time feeling it with his body” (alright clear your dirty mind, clear the dirty mind)
73. Mentioned that he cried at his brother’s wedding (tears of joy I hope)
74. Usually goes out for a smoke during tours at either a designated spot for smoking or just goes around at random depending on the current situation
75. As surprising as this may sound, Toru didn’t follow Avril Lavigne on Instagram right away, he didn’t follow her until like one month later (could be because of the hair thing)
76. Updates his Instagram the least out of ONE OK ROCK (probably not much of a social media person)
77. In 2012, a fan in Japan stopped Toru just to tell him to update the ONE OK ROCK blog (and he did update the blog)
78. Made a MC during their 人生 × 君 = tour in Yokohama Arena about how his hair stuck up during their 残響リファレンス tour in Yokohama Arena on the previous year (and he also asked if it looked great and it did)
79. Usually during acoustic performances like the Studio Jam Session, Wherever You Are, or Heartache (my favorite so far) he plays his acoustic guitar while Ryota plays his acoustic bass (just incase if people needed that cleared up since the two looks very similar)
80. While Toru does backup vocals for some songs he also provides backup screamo like in songs like NO SCARED (his screamo skills is average)
81. Debated with Ryota on whether or not if he went to the Avril Lavigne concert at a festival with Toru (Ryota claims that he did but Toru says no)
82. Tried to watch the Avril Lavigne concert from the sidelines (like the side of the stage) but the guards pushed him and Tomoya away (and possibly Ryota but who knows)
83. Taka likes to tease Toru about Toru’s fantasy of dating Avril Lavigne and for the fact that Avril Lavigne got married twice to two different vocalists that Toru also really admires (I need to stop with the Toru and Avril Lavigne facts)
84. Moving on! Toru and Taka has been noted to have very similar fashion styles and they are often seen hanging out with each other more than Ryota or Tomoya (if you disagree with me then rewatch or look at very picture you can find of ONE OK ROCK and then you’ll believe me), thus the shipping of Toruka (I don’t ship them but other people do so I’m putting it on the list)
85. Got sick during the beginning of their South America tour
86. Toru’s favorite song from 人生 × 僕 = is Ending Story??
87. Still trying to work at getting better with playing the guitar after Alex left since Alex was the lead guitar and Toru was the rhythm guitar (he’s doing pretty well)
88. Along with Taka and Ryota, Toru also likes wearing a fedora from time to time (I’ve never seen Tomoya wear one so somebody correct me if I wrong)
89. During the earlier days of ONE OK ROCK Toru and Ryota lived in the dormitory of Amuse
90. Toru played a part in Takeru and Taka’s friendship by talking to Takeru after ONE OK ROCK’s concerts and letting him in backstage (it’s not a huge part but it helped Taka meet Takeru so I guess maybe it is big, idk I guess that’s something of personal opinion)
91. Back to the earlier days (this is really scrambled up), Toru arranged ONE OK ROCK’s first studio two weeks after he told everyone that they were going to the studio
92. Made Ryota learn bass within two weeks
93. Unlike Taka who seems like he threw away his button up shirts, Toru still wears them
94. Taka, Tomoya, and Ryota often talk about how Toru makes a good leader for ONE OK ROCK
95. Usually in his roles for tv shows, Toru is often casted as the guy who takes pleasure in messing with people, laughs alot, and insane
96. Once when asked what was his favorite body part in 2007 or so, Toru answered nothing (which is really sad but oh well people have their own personal opinions about themselves but that was also a long time ago when he was asked so things could’ve changed)
97. During ONE OK ROCK’s bonus tracks, Toru usually plays a male student or teacher
98. During their first LA concert, Toru and Taka pointed at a seven year old kid that attended their concert
99. Mighty Long Fall was the only music video as of NOV.22.14 that has Toru’s warped tour look.
100. Toru describes himself as somebody who owes a lot to ONE OK ROCK, who is able to experience hardships and happiness due to the band.

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